Aging, physical conditions, injury, and exercise take their toll on our bones, connective tissues, and joints. This results in symptoms like weakness, stiffness, pain, friction, and inflammation. Fortify+ is specially formulated to provide the reinforcement and nourishment to help restore and strengthen the foundation of joints.

How does FORTIFY+ work? 

Uniquely blends of beneficial vitamins, minerals, and compounds common in Western culture with extracts of the Chinese herbs corydalis root (Yuan Hu Suo) and large-leaved Fortify+ gentian root (Qin Jiao) to boost joint-restorative benefits.

How can the ingredients in this supplement help me?

While results vary among individuals, the components of FORTIFY+ can provide healing benefits.

Only 2 capsules at mealtime can strengthen and boost your bone and joint health. Add a daily serving of a nutrient-rich and FORTIFY+ One dose of protein packed bone broth, such as Wunder Bones Soup for even better results.